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Campaign Volunteer

We believe that if you are not having fun while campaigning you are not doing it right. We are now putting together our winning campaign team. If you would like to be a part of this energetic, creative, conservative movement we can certainly use your help. We intend to run a strong grassroots campaign. We will need volunteers to: use their social network contacts to tell others about Riddell for NC House 64, contact their neighbors, work the polls during early voting and on election day, host a meet Dennis event at home, work or church, make phone calls, help with mailings, put up yard signs and the many other tasks required for this level of race. We need your help. You can volunteer today by using the Contact page on this website. Thanks so much for your interest.

Campaign Contributions

Every campaign needs financial support to be successful. If you would like to help but are currently unable to volunteer your time you can make a financial contribution to our campaign. All contributions will be appreciated. If you would like to give to our campaign please read this notice carefully.

Campaign finance law requires you be informed that contributions to Riddell for NC House 64 are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, business entities, labor unions, professional associations, or insurance companies are prohibited. An individual may contribute $5,000 per election. Couples may contribute $10,000 per election from a joint account, but such a contribution requires both signatures. Any contributions of $50 or more must be reported on our campaign financial statements and require the occupation and employer of the contributor.

If, after all of that, you are still interested in contributing, I thank you.
Please mail your check to:

Riddell for NC House 64
6343 Beale Rd.
Snow Camp, NC   27349

Host a "Conservatea"

We are currently lining up hosts/hostesses for our "Conservateas." These are informal small gatherings in a host home with your neighbors,  friends, and business acquaintances. The campaign will sponsor the event we just need you as a volunteer host.  If you would like to provide  an opportunity for others to meet Dennis please contact us at: or

Riddell for NC House 64
6343 Beale Rd. 
Snow Camp, NC  27349